Lake of the Ozarks Weather

No matter what time of year you are visiting Lake of the Ozarks there is always something to do despite the seasonal weather changes. With summertime highs reaching 90 degrees and winter lows dipping to 25 degrees the range is broad but dressed appropriately and planning your activities accordingly will allow you to have the optimal time.

Typically summers are hot, humid and sunny. From June to mid-September you can expect daily temperatures to reach an average of 90 degrees with nighttime lows near 69 degrees.

The winter months bring an average daily temperature of 43 degrees, nearing 25 degrees in the evenings. From late November to late February you’ll typically find cloudy weather with little precipitation. It doesn’t snow here often but it most certainly can!

Be sure to check before you pack, though we have plenty of shopping options for anything you might forget or need, knowing what kind of weather to expect will also help you to plan your activities!